The real estate market in Portugal continues to be one of the most dynamic markets in Europe not only because it was driven by Portugal’s late entry into the investment cycle post-global economic crisis, but also due to the increase in liquidity worldwide, rollover of assets of institutional portfolios and residential sale through increased foreign investment.

Last year the Real Estate investment increased 54%, sales in the Portuguese residential market, about 20% around 185,000 houses, Office segment, about 290,000 square meters of business space were occupied, even so, demand continues to outstrip supply within the Portuguese Real Estate market, driving strong price growth within the sector.

With average capital gains in main Portuguese cities on the last 5 years of 12% per year and continues to outperform, for the coming years, the market will clearly grow and consolidate. This will happen not only due of high and growing demand for properties, but mainly because of tax incentives and investment programs launched by Portuguese authorities (GOLDEN VISA and NHR). Since there is a low supply of Real Estate products and low interest rate on deposits, the tendency is of an increase on the investment in properties.

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